Daylight-Inc.: Am I A Part of The Dream?

Today I watched the King Service live and now I’m watching the 2nd Inauguration of President Obama.  As I sit here watching I keep asking myself how do I fit into the I Have A Dream movement or do I?  

My answer would be that I do fit into the dream and the movement.  For I too have a dream!  i dream of the war at home ending.  I dream of no teen dating violence.  I dream of no domestic abuse. i dream of no rape or sex trafficking.   I dream of healthy relationships and happy children. 

I am more than a dreamer.  I am an advocate, I carry the torch, I am a foot soldier and carrier of the dream and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.  I am also responsible for the legacy of William and Laura Day, my paternal grandparents, Daniel and Vera Moss, my maternal grandparents, and William and Dorothy Day, my parents.  These legacies and dreams can only come true or continue through my actions.

So today I accept this responsibility and put feet on my faith as I march into my destiny and purpose.  Today I dedicate my life to God first and doing the will of God and secondly I dedicate myself and Daylight, Inc. to advancing the dream and legacy of those who marched ahead of me.

I am a part of the dream and so are you!  Dr. king was the Drum Major for Peace.  What instrument do you or will you play?  The march continues.  There is room for us all.  Grab your baton, flag, flute, tuba, trumpet, drum or whatever your instrument of choice.

I’ll be the one waving the “PURPLE” flag!


By daylightinc

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