Mission Statement

The mission of DAYLIGHT Awareness & Prevention Agency (DAP), Inc. is to end domestic abuse and violence by empowering, educating and encouraging our community to embrace an abuse and violence-free life-style.

Board Members

  • Monica A. Day, Chief Executive Officer
  • Heather Day, Chief Operating Officer
  • Valerie Gilbert, Chief Financial Officer
  • Jennifer N. Day, President
  • Kristina M. Day, Secretary
  • Nikki Wheeler, Teen Outreach Coordinator
  • Stephanie Myers, Youth Services Coordinator
  • Cheryl Thompson, Event Coordinator

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Phebee Henderson, Director of Counseling, New Mercies Christian Church
  • Ericka Davis, Director of Communications, Fulton County
  • Kimberly Garrett, Customer Service Advocate, Honeywell
  • Larry Wyatt, New Mercies Counseling Department
  • Sharon Duhart-Campbell, Founder, Surviving The Pain, Inc.
  • Clarence McNeill, Educator, Rockdale County Schools

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