Meet Our Founder

I am Daylight Awareness & Prevention Agency’s (DAP) founder, Monica Day , and I myself am a survivor of a 16 year psychologically, emotionally and physically abusive marriage from which I and my children had to make a late night escape with little but our lives and hope for a better tomorrow.  Although my daughters and I relocated the abuse did not end.  I constantly received verbally abusive  phone calls and voicemails at home and at work.   During the 16 years I endured  a black eye, busted lips and bruises on every part of my body. 

In April 2009, I was taking the Faces of Abuse class at New Mercies Christian Church.   As a Biblical Counselor,  I was taking this class to help someone else and found out that it was me who needed help.  One Tuesday night in March  2009 I opened up and shared my story for the very time with my classmates. I shared with them my memories of the constant verbal/emotional abuse and the physical abuse I often endured after my husband had spent the day or evening drinking.  That night I took my mask off and my power back .  After sharing my story I was no longer embarrassed, a burden had been lifted.  As I began my journey of healing God planted the vision for Daylight, Inc in my spirit and a month later Daylight, Inc was born and was incorporated November 2009.

The abuse is over and I grow stronger each day as I continue to heal emotionally. Unfortunately,  like many other women I continue to suffer from medical conditions that are a result of the abuse I suffered.  Each day is  truly a gift from God.  I know that He spared my life.

As I look back I can clearly see all the signs of abuse that I overlooked, did not recognize or made excuses for.  It is my heart’s desire to save other women from suffering in silence as I did, by speaking out against domestic abuse and violence and teaching women and girls the signs of an abusive relationship.  It is through this website, counseling, mentoring, presentations, classes, contingency training, strategic partnerships, alliances, literature and community events that I will empower, educate and encourage the community to embrace an abuse and violence free life-style.

I have been Called, Committed and Submitted for such a time and cause as this.  As a Woman of God I can clearly see that Satan did indeed desire to have me to sift me as wheat but through it all my faith did not fail … and I heard the Lord saying, “and when you are converted, strengthen your brother (and your sister).  Luke 22:31  

Peace, Love & Blessings,



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